Most Frequent Neurosurgical Procedures:

Laminectomy, excision of herniated lumbar disc, foraminotomy, injection of epidural steroids.

Minimally invasive lumbar spine procedures, tubular retractors.

Lumbar spine fusion, pedicle screw instrumentation, computer-assisted image-guided navigation, electrophysiological monitoring, arthrodesis with bone croutons from bone bank and BMP.

TPLIF and intervertebral insertion of cages.

Lumbar spine artificial disc prosthesis (Charité).

Thoracic spine procedures.

Cervical laminectomy , foraminotomy, posterior. Cervical posterior fusions.

Anterior cervical disc excision, bone graft fusion, internal fixation with metal plating and screws, OR microscope, tongs, traction.

Cervical resorbable plates and pegs.

Cervical artificial disc.

Craniotomy for brain tumors, aneurysms, AVM’s, hematomas, trigeminal neuralgia (neurovascular decompression), Biopsy, Microsurgery.

CSF shunts for hydrocephalus, ICP monitoring.

Cranioplasty, Stealth navigation, intraoperative ultrasound, LASER, CUSA.

Transphenoidal approach to pituitary tumors (combined with ENT).

Gamma Knife Stereotactic radiosurgery for brain metastases, skull brain tumors, acoustic neurinomas, pituitary tumors, meningiomas, AVM’s, and trigeminal neuralgia.

Decompression of the median nerve at the wrist for carpal tunnel syndromes.

Ulnar nerve decompression and translocation at the elbow.

Deep Brain Stimulation